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Intercomprehension in Language Teacher Education
Kari Aarsund Ulf Holm-Johansen
Sissel Larsen Eva Holen Pettersen
Brit Ulseth (coordinator)

From language teacher to teacher of languages
or about transfer of comprehension from one language to another

From language teacher to teacher of languages
aims at offering tools for enhancing plurilingualism in the foreign language classroom. Intercomprehension is a key notion and development of language and cultural awareness an ultimate objective.


We would like to thank our consultants for invaluable help and support throughout the various stages of the work:

Steve Bell, Scotland
Yvonne Andreasson and Bo Lundahl, Sweden
Michael Byram, England
Tor Atle H. Kleven, Norway

We would also like to thank our network partners for stimulating response. The friendly atmosphere in which our meetings took place was highly motivating and spurred us on to continue our work with even more determination. Besides, we have learnt a lot about language and culture which has contributed to raising our awareness as to the richness of diversity.

I believe in the fundamental value of multilingualism, as an amazing world resource which presents us with different perspectives and insights, and thus enables us to reach a more profound understanding of the nature of the human mind and spirit. In my ideal world, everyone would be at least bi-lingual.

(David Crystal in Preface to English as a Global Language)

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