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Intercomprehension in Language Teacher Education
The ILTE network

In October 1997 the Spanish national Socrates office arranged a partner finding seminar in Salamanca in order to motivate seminar participants to establish networks and to initiate project ideas related to the teaching of foreign languages in teacher training. One of these networks designed Intercomprehension in Language Teacher Education (ILTE), a three-year project involving six partner institutions in six European countries: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria, England, and Norway, with the Portuguese institution as coordinator.

To underline the plurilinguistic profile of the network, the members are represented with an excerpt in their mother tongue from their individual project descriptions.

Halden meeting, June 1999
Halden, everyone 2

Halden, meeting 1 Halden, meeting 2
Halden, outside 1 Halden, outside 2

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